Strip bars, as entertainment venues, can be somewhat unreliable in terms of quality. You may have experience with thematically shoddy, overpriced locations, since there are a lot of issues in the strip club industry. Angels Club proclaims that it strives for excellence, avoiding succumbing to these pitfalls, instead offering an exclusive and luxurious environment for dancers and customers alike. Now, you may be wondering, what does that mean, exactly? Can a strip bar even be luxurious?

The following are some of the basics that you can expect from, according to their website: a comfortable seating area with a full view of strip shows and other performances, as well as private cabins for stripteases or ‘intimate performances’, and fine champagne. (Food is not served at Angels Club.) The performers are evidently selected from among the top dancers in the world, and the club markets itself as seeking to spoil its customers. In fact, the name “Angels Club” refers to the expectation that the dancers employed are to be treated with the utmost respect. Thus, customers are expected to behave as perfect gentlemen, and in turn, be treated as such. Even if it is your first time attending a strip club, Angels Club wants to welcome you, so long as you understand the intended atmosphere.

So, it seems some strip bars, such as this one, do not allow for the loud, brash behaviour you may picture when thinking of “strip club” or “striptease”. Angels Club centres on sensual, personal performance. Still, it is incredibly important to note that, customers do not have the inherent right to touch dancers, regardless of how much they have spent at the club or ‘on the women’; exotic dancers have as much a right to bodily autonomy as anyone else, and “no” always means “no”.