How long your laptop or phone stays charged depends on the ability of the battery to hold lithium ions in the material of its negative electrode. Without getting to deep into the science, researchers have no managed to create nano-chains using the metal antimony to provide double the charge life.

Great, but what’s the downside? Well, it’ll be more expensive at least in the short term and it still doesn’t solve the problem of longevity.

What you see as junk may be worth something to someone else. Ask yourself, “Is this useable or easily salvageable?” If so, first stop should be a charity store. If not, then don’t throw it in the trash, instead take it to the tip.
Many electrical products contain materials that are damaging to the environment if not disposed of properly. Sometimes, old electronics are sought after by collectors—relevant if you have a Betamax

Forget the early issues with users accidentally ordering expensive items, privacy is a big issue, isn’t it? With a device that is constantly listening, how do you know whether or not what you’re saying is being recorded somewhere?
Well, sort of. What you say after you trigger the system with its “wakeword” is recorded to help improve its future speech recognition. But you can turn that off if you’re worried about privacy.

When cables are installed or serviced, it’s essential that they appear organized; this will enable people to identify and understand the systems they are dealing with quickly. All industries use cables and cords. Cables are running through their buildings; therefore, managing cables is a critical factor that needs to be considered. This is ultimate so that they do not cause safety hazards or results in a lot of wasted time during maintenance or repair.

With the clear intent to manage cable, you still need to factor a few things like the size of the cable and the location where the cable is mounted or installed. This will determine and inform you of the best way to manage the cable.

One of the vital tools that about a breakthrough for clustered cable is Mini Connect. This is a small circled, self-closing tool with a silver appearance. Adopting a Mini connect for proper cable management can help create a visually pleasing and tidy work environment, it also maintains basic functionality and secure devices from being clogged. Clogging in this context often occurs when cords or wires are in a random pattern. You can get

Miniconnect hereThere is another breakthrough that occurs when proper cable management is in place. For instance, providing an organization and its employees with comfort to access the cables and equipment that are connected to them. Most times, twisted cables give a lot of stress while at work, and it is highly time-consuming to make sense out of it all.

Another critical breakthrough that is experienced with proper cabling management in place is fire safety. If this is left unchecked, someone can easily trip over the twisted bundle of cables, and this can lead to damages upon devices connected to the cable

Cable management is undoubtedly a vital aspect to pay attention to, and not doing what is expected is like tempting fate. Neets have a specific cable management tool that is made up of high-quality materials – indeed, a breakthrough!